There are two types of accounts in Dawn 2055: regular and upgraded.

When your account is created, you'll have one free week of upgraded account.

You can check how many days you have left by looking at your "Profile settings" in the "Account settings" menu.

If you enjoy the game, please consider upgrading you account to ensure long term sustainability of the game.

Differences between the two accounts typesEdit

Upgrading gives additional features and improves your gameplay. You can look at table below for more details.

Feature Free Upgraded
Travel Range 2 sectors 3 sectors
Maximum planned path 40 squares 80 squares
Maximum Stamina 100% 150%
Journal Entries 10 30
View Private Messages 15 30
Maximum Trade Offers and Orders 40 Unlimited
Craft items at a time 20 50
Active Missions 1 5
Multiple Accounts No Yes*

 *All accounts need to be upgraded. Read more about multiple account policy on the official site.

You can upgrade the account for 1 month, 3 months, 6 months or 12 months. If your account is already upgraded then the time will be added to it.

Upgrading account using PaypalEdit

You have four options avaible through the "Upgrade Account" button on the top of your screen:

  • 1 month for 4 euros (= 4.5$)
  • 3 months for 10 euros (= 11$)
  • 6 months for 18 euros (= 20$)
  • 12 months for 30 euros (= 33$)

Upgrading account using Survival KitEdit

You can buy a Survival Kit from a player using bottle caps and use it to upgrade your account.

Upgrading for freeEdit

To upgrade for free you have to refer new player through your referral link found at "profile" page. For every referred player who reaches level 10 you'll receive Upgraded account for two additional weeks. Referred player will also receive two weeks of Upgraded account instead of only one.

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