Blueprints are designs from various items needed to craft them, along with the quantity of materials. Blueprints can be found through Salvaging or crafted, and can be bought and sold. To craft a blueprint from an object, the base item must be in perfect condition unless the Perk Fill the gaps is selected.

Ammo BlueprintsEdit

.50 Cal Blueprint

.50 Cal Sniper Mag Blueprint

24x40 mm Blueprint

Grenade Launcher Magazine Blueprint

5.56x45 mm NATO Blueprint

STANAG Magazine Blueprint

7.62x39 mm Blueprint

Kalashnikov Rifle Magazine Blueprint

7.62x51 mm NATO Blueprint

EBR Magazine Blueprint

9 mm Blueprint

Pistol Magazine Blueprint

SMG Magazine Blueprint

Hunting Rifle Ammo Blueprint

AT Warhead Blueprint

Armor BlueprintsEdit

Armored Bio-Suit Blueprint

Armored Exoskeleton Blueprint

Bio-Hazard Suit Blueprint

Exoskeleton Blueprint

Equipment BlueprintsEdit

Designer Notepad Blueprint

Gas Mask Blueprint

Geiger Counter Blueprint

Grinder Blueprint

Portable Surgeon Blueprint

Sat Nav Blueprint

Thermal Goggles Blueprint

Wrench Blueprint

Part BlueprintsEdit

Car Engine Blueprint

Weapon Parts Blueprint

Vehicle Frame BlueprintsEdit

Heavy Truck Frame Blueprint

Motorcycle Frame Blueprint

Sedan Frame Blueprint

Suv Frame Blueprint

Weapon BlueprintsEdit

.50 Cal Sniper Rifle Blueprint

AT Weapon Blueprint

Enhanced Battle Rifle Blueprint

Grenade Launcher Blueprint

Katana Blueprint

Light Machine Gun Blueprint

Military Rifle Blueprint

Minigun Blueprint

N24 Sniper Rifle Blueprint

RACS Rifle Blueprint

Shotgun Blueprint

SMG Type II Blueprint