Glass is an uncommon kind of material in Dawn 2055. It can be used to craft different kinds of items such as Compass and Energy Drink.

Type Materials
Effects N/A
Weight 1
Crafting Blueprint
Parts Required N/A
Workshop Level N/A
Skill Required N/A


Glass can only be found in the world and can be used to craft the following items:


Requires: Plastic (2), Glass (2), Level 3 Workshop, 50 Crafting skills


Requires: Metal (1), Glass (1), Level 2 Workshop, 40 Crafting Skills

Hunting RifleEdit

Requires: Weapon Parts (15), Glass (2), Level 3 Workshop, 50 Crafting skills

Upgraded M. RifleEdit

Requires: Military Rifle (1), Glass (4), Weapon Parts (2), Level 1 Workshop, 40 Crafting Skills

Energy DrinkEdit

Requires: Glass (1), Chemicals (6), Level 1 Workshop, 45 Crafting Skills

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