The Dawn2055 Wiki is still missing a lots of useful information and we need your help to improve our wiki.

NPCs and ItemsEdit

The Dawn2055 Wiki still lacks a lot of information on the NPCs and Items, and that would be our main editing focus on this wiki. But there are some important details you must understand before you start editing or creating pages about them:

  • Remember to use infoboxs when you are creating pages on Items and NPCs. A infobox is like a table on the right of every pages that show the characteristics and attributes of the item. There is already an infobox template for Items at Template:Infobox item, but not for the NPCs, so please help us to create an infobox for NPCs. Here you can see all of the infoboxes template: Category:Infobox_templates.

Good luck with your ediiting!

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