Just like Wood, Metal Scraps is a common kind of material found in the world of Dawn 2055. It is very useful as it can be used to crafted different kinds of tools such as Junk Metal Armor, Knife Blade and Metal.

Metal Scraps
Type Materials
Effects N/A
Weight 1
Crafting Blueprint
Parts Required N/A
Workshop Level N/A
Skill Required N/A


Metal scraps can only be found in the world and cannot be crafted. It can be used to craft the following items:

Knife BladeEdit

Requires: Metal Scraps (6), Level 2 Workshop, 30 Crafting skills


Requires: Metal Scraps (5), Level 3 Workshop, 50 Crafting skills

Nailed Baseball BatEdit

Requires: Metal Scraps (3), Baseball Bat (1), Level 1 Workshop, 25 Crafting Skills

Nailed Wood StickEdit

Requires: Wood Stick (1), Metal Scraps (2), 15 Crafting Skills

Junk Metal ArmorEdit

Requires: Metal Scraps (10), Cloth Remains (8), 10 Crafting Skills


Requires: Wood (4), Metal Scraps (1), Cloth Remains (6), Level 1 Workshop, 30 Crafting Skills

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