Hello, my name is omni and this is my blog!

Some things I like to do in dawn are: boss hunting, doing missions, and talking and supporting my fellow gang members.

About me:

I am 17, live in Texas, and go to school.


I chose EDG for a few reasons, I will try to explain why!

Firstly, Max is a cool guy and understands me.

He also supports me financially (In-game) and allows me to roam when I wish.

EDG is like a brotherhood, all of my gang members are my brothers (or sisters).

I think EDG is the best gang for people who are cool, calm and collected. But have the mindset of "I want to be free, and join a community of guys."


I bought a survival kit today, thanks to talius who payed for half of it!

Made a trip down to New hope today.

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