Shops can be found in settlements and allow you to buy various items. Shops are unique to every settlement: an item you can buy in one may not be present in another shop.

All items are traded between players.

The shop can be upgraded only once directly to level 5.

Advanced TradeEdit

Allows you to place orders and offers with custom prices.  When you place an order, you pay immediately but receive goods only when some player sells them. When you place an offer, offered goods are removed from your inventory, bottle caps are received when someone buys your goods.

A fee is collected from a player when an order or offer is placed. It's displayed near the Offer or Order button. There used to be an option to cancel orders and offers, but that was removed. It was replaced by setting the time an item is for sale to either 2 weeks or 4 weeks, after which the item goes to the seller's private storage in that settlement.