In Dawn 2055, traveling between Locations is time consuming and depends on your Speed skill. It may be dangerous, but also rewarding and fun, due to the random events mechanics!


To travel between Locations, complete a Map Mission, or just smell the fresh air, you need to click the Map button below the Dawn 2055 logo. You're now on the Sector Map screen (see picture).

Each Sector is a 14x14 square grid, where each tile is a Location. You can check it's coordinates by passing the mouse over it.

In order to travel to the next Sector, you need to plan a path near a border of a Sector: a "Go to the next Sector" window will pop above your map.

For further information, click the "?" and "Show Legend" buttons in game.


Path planning can only be done in a straight line or diagonally: the game won't make you "turn" automatically.

During travel, your Salvaging skill level will be used as a passive skill to determine if you recovered Materials or Items in your trip (check your Log by clicking the Date/time or the suspension points above the map).

When traveling, you can encounter some random events: to check if something happens, check if a "E" appears next to the "Run" button, then switch to the Location screen (it can happen everytime you go through a tile).

Be careful of the Bosses who roam the map and other players who can attack you (and by winning, steal some of your stuff).