Wood is a common kind of material found in the world of Dawn 2055. It is very useful as it can be used to crafted a variety of tools, such as Baseball Bat, Wood Stick and Bow. It is also very important for paying upkeep for settlements.


Wood can only be found in the world and cannot be crafted. It can be used to craft the following items:

Melee Weapons Edit

Baseball Bat Edit

Materials: Wood (3)

Requirements: Level 1 Workshop, min. 20 Crafting

Knife Edit

Materials: Knife Blade (1), Wood (1)

Requirements, min. 30 Crafting

Wood Stick Edit

Materials: Wood (1) Requirements: 10 Crafting Skills

Equipment Edit


Materials: Wood (2), Metal (3)

Requirements: Level 2 Workshop, min. 50 Crafting

Ranged Weapons Edit


Materials: Wood (3), Cloth Remains (5)

Requirements: min. 20 Crafting


Materials: Wood (4), Metal Scraps (1), Cloth Remains (6)

Requirements: Level 1 Workshop, min. 30 Crafting